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“This should be easier.”

With that in mind, Hey!Hallyu was founded in early 2018. Since then we have grown from living room to 140m2 work location, from part-time 1 person to several full-timers, thousands of customers. Still motivated by our shared passion for kpop. Customer focus is our main focus and we will always do our best to make all our customers as happy as possible!

Since the beginning, we have attended several events: Strictly Kpop, Hallyucon, our own K-PopUp and Heroes Made in Asia. Hopefully there will be many other great opportunities in the future!

From fans, for fans. From far away to near. The Kpop shop for Europe, with albums, merchandise and who knows… more soon!

The Team



hey! I’m Eva, the founder of Hey!Hallyu. In 2012, I was drawn into the SHINee fandom by Lucifer, and since then I’ve become a fan of TVXQ/JYJ and now NCT, although I listen to a lot of bands. For Hey!Hallyu I deal with business related matters, mentoring interns and work, and answer almost all emails. The best thing about working for me is making kpop fans happy and the many grateful reactions, and the many fun things we do, organize and experience!


Office manager

I have been a fan of k-pop since 2012. Don’t laugh at me, but it’s all because of PSY with his Gangnam Style. As a result, I got other k-pop songs in my recommended. So I got stuck in that a bit. I’m glad this happened to me because (partly) because of this I met Eva and now I even work for her. What am I doing here? I’m the one who keeps an eye on all orders, what comes in and what goes out. And I’m in charge of our TikTok channel where I put Girah hard at work making funny faces.


Inkoop & Social media

Yo! It’s Ro~ Stuck in kpop BigBang since 2008. My ults are 2PM & Stray Kids and have been helping the HeyHallyu Team since 2019 with designs, customer contact and more….



Do you have a media or communication-related education, or are you working on a (graduation) internship that does not require guidance in this area and would you like to strengthen our team? We have a number of internship positions available on an ongoing basis. Click here for more information.

Poesje 1

Born on 20-08-2019
Sister of Mochi
retrieves “the skunk”
Eat rubber bands…
Poesje 1

Born on 20-08-2019
Kimchi’s sister
Likes to lie in your neck
Super tiny
Poesje 1
Mr Noodle

Born on 18-04-2018
Cousin of Soju
Gives high fives
True gentleman
Poesje 1

Born on 17-04-2018
Cousin of Noodle
Queen of the house
Wins every staring contest


The idea for Hey!Hallyu arose in 2017, when I (Eva) regularly bought albums with friends, but we always had to save up to share the high shipping costs. There was no alternative in the Netherlands at the time – the Mediamarkt and Sounds did not yet have Kpop, and Group Orders were not yet many. At the time I was doing a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which gave birth to Hey!Hallyu. Our target audience was clear, financing could start small and our “Unique Selling Points” were clear, so let’s go! And a lot has happened since then:


Januari 2018 – Inschrijving KVK & eerste order uit Zuid-Korea

Maart 2018 – Officiële opening Hey!Hallyu

Juni 2018 – Strictly Kpop #8 in Rotterdam

September 2018 – Instagram gejoined

September 2018 – Hallyu Wave in Antwerpen

Mei 2019 – Strictly Kpop Open Air in Rotterdam

December 2018 – Romee joined het team


Augustus 2019 – Kpop Aan De Maas

November 2019 – HallyuCon in Eindhoven

December 2019 – K-Pop Up in Amsterdam


Januari 2020 – Angel joined het team

Juni 2020 – Hey!Hallyu op Twitch

September 2020 – Eerste stagiaires

Oktober 2020 – Verhuizing naar Velp

December 2020 – HH On Tour met BTS BE


Januari 2021 – 10.000 succesvolle orders

Maart 2021 – Hey!Hallyu op Discord

Maart 2021 – Hey!Hallyu Verjaardagsbingo

April 2021 – Verhuizing naar Arnhem

September 2021 – 20.000 succesvolle orders

Oktober 2021 – Heroes Made In Asia in Gorinchem

December 2021 – Nieuwe website

December 2021 – Eindejaarsbingo


Mei 2022 – Heroes Made In Asia in Gorinchem


We source all our products from a regular supplier in South Korea, although we sometimes switch to other suppliers. From our office/warehouse in Arnhem we update the website, process orders, provide customer service and everything is packed and shipped. Every day we send all stock orders that have come in since the day before, and any pre-orders. DHL will pick this up at 3 pm; We deliver all orders with PostNL at the end of the day.

Every morning we put the new pre-orders that have become available online, also unknown groups, and promote this on our social media channels. We can also get a lot of merchandise and BT21, but we don’t always put this online. Are you looking for something? Feel free to ask us!

Weekly, or more often, we receive a new shipment from South Korea. We usually unbox these on Twitch, replenish inventory and put the pre-orders aside to be packed. What is left of this, we also put online as stock.