Store - Hey!Hallyu


Velperplein 21
6811 AH Arnhem

We welcome you to visit us Wednesday-Sunday from 11:00 - 17:00!

After many years of anticipation, the moment has finally arrived! On July 19th, we opened the doors of our physical store in the heart of Arnhem.

Inside our store, you’ll discover an extensive range of products, ranging from albums and DVDs of your favorite Kpop artists to official merchandise, lightsticks, beloved KDrama OSTs, BT21 items, and, of course, photocards and other essentials to expand your Kpop collection.

A Kpop collection wouldn’t be complete without a poster, so whenever possible, we offer free official posters.

Our store is more than just a place to grow your collection. Towards the back of the store, we welcome enthusiasts who can’t wait to unwrap their purchases. This allows you to potentially exchange photocards with other fans right on the spot.